Participate in Athletics at Mayfield High School

Any student who is interested in participating in athletics at Mayfield High School must meet the following eligibility requirements:

• Earn a minimum of a 1.5 GPA, pass 1.25 credits, and fail no more than one class in the preceding GRADING PERIOD. (semester grades and summer school grades do not apply)
• Have a complete Final Forms account, with a current physical on file, and a completed Impact concussion test.

Transfer Students: any student transferring to Mayfield after commencing the nine-grade year must contact the Athletic Department to schedule a meeting. There are numerous exceptions to the OHSAA transfer rule. Click here for the OHSAA Transfer Bylaw Resource Center

Ohio High School Athletic Association Eligibility Guide
eligibility guide for participation in Ohio high school athletics

Parent-Coach Communication Procedures
parents, please follow these guidelines when communicating with coaches

Transportation Release Form
This is to be used on the rare occasion that an athlete will not be riding the bus home following a contest. Students must travel with their parents only. Students cannot drive themselves. Must be completed and signed by the parents and given to the coach 24 hours prior to the event.

* Due to COVID requirements, all students must be screened at MHS prior to traveling to an away contest